How To Make A Bold Statement With Deco-Inspired Bathroom Elements

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How To Make A Bold Statement With Deco-Inspired Bathroom Elements

Your bathroom is an interesting area that can evoke different reactions from visitors. They can either feel delighted, vexed, or perhaps smile politely. Have you checked the unspoken response from your guests recently? Are they keen on the tub-shower combination? How about the number of sinks and the type of mirror? At this point, you should start thinking about the art deco basin. It is the beginning of modern design and convenience with a unique domain that dates back centuries ago.

Marble and Brass

These are classic materials that bear a vintage character. One of the most striking fixtures is a marble pedestal sink featuring brass fixtures and legs. To evoke the art deco era, you can have modernist scones adjacent to wooden mirrors. Consider a gray marble floor with a pattern that replicates the geometric art deco flooring.

Stained Glass Window

Classic color schemes are a crowning jewel in any bathroom with black lacquer. Get a pair of Art Nouveau stained windows. A beautiful round mirror is practical and doesn’t rob the striking windows of the attention they command. A glazed subway bathtub and shower can add the perfect charm of the 1930s. As for the color schemes, rich wood tones, pops of gold, teal, and dusty pinks are classic art deco hues.

Black Lacquer Design

Art Deco style doesn’t have to be an extravagant endeavor. Simply choose items that make your heart soar. For instance, marble topper and top mount sink is an easy way to make art deco fit into bathroom design. Still, a Moderne-inspired wallpaper with a mirror from the same era can give a 1920s sensation.

Art Nouveau Wall Tiles

Art-Nouveau-inspired black and white tiles can set a stylish 1920s theme. Marble flooring gives a modern perspective on classic deco patterns Take for instance the marble pedestal sink with brass legs mentioned earlier. Two modernist globe scones standing on oil-rubbed based can be used to finish off the Art Nouveau appeal of the room.

Statement Art Deco Wallpaper

Classic art décor bathrooms leverage on luxurious materials and patterns. Install unique wallpapers such as tortoiseshell coverings. Have a black and white marble sink with brass faucets and knobs to add a visual decadence.

Improve your bathroom with the above décor basins in lustrous finishes. Fire up the room multiple times to create a glazed luster. Think like you are in the Victorian age, ensuring that the basins match the bathtub and the overall theme of your house.

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